Home monitoring and sensors

I like dashboards

everything So I built one using InfluxDB, Grafana, Nginx, Tellstick Net and a bunch of scripts. Here’s a breakdown of the parts and what feeds them.


At home i have a Tellstick Net and a bunch of remotecontrolled power switches connected to this i also have a bunch of temperature sensors (this model) places around the house, outside and in my shed.

Logging to InfluxDB

Data is fed into InfluxDB using a couple of different scripts.

  • Temperatures are read from Telldus Live using a modified version of their tdtool.py script every 10 minutes
  • To log status for my home server running ubuntu I modified my status script, this is logged every 5 minutes.
  • Ping & packet loss is logged with a simple ping script, right now it only pings googles public dns but is should be extended to ping multiple things (isp dns server etc) currently this script runs every minute


I plan to add more fun sensors that work with Tellstick, things like rain and wind sensors. Something that logs how bright the sun is would be cool to. At some point when I have more info it will be fun to do some ‘big data’ stuff using the data set I have, right now it’s been running for about 6 months so next year it’s possible to graph current vs last year for many values.