Build your own solar powered usb charger

I've been spending some time on instructables lately and found some cool hacks using solar panels to charge via usb and thought that I can do that too, so here's my version. First a parts list: I decided to use the Sparkfun charger since it also has a micro usb input that allows me to charge the battery from a usb port before first use. This is useful since charging the battery from the solar panel takes a day or two. Step 1: Solder the barrel jack to the booster (depending on your version you might have to cut off the connector) once done you can connect the battery and take it out into the sun, if everything is connected then the small stat led on the booster should light up (and the battery start charring). I also decieded to add a switch to on the cable connecting the battery to the charger, the reason for this is to avid having the booster draining the battery when it's not in use. Step 2: Connect the usb port. Step 3: Cut holes in the case to fit the switch, usb port and allow the solar panel to be glued to the case making the whole charger pack more portable. Step 4: Glue the solarcell to the case. Step 5: Assemble, I used parts that were over from cutting the hole for the solar cell to build a elevation point for the booster circuit, otherwise it was a tight fit and also this allows for easier access to the onboard usb port. To make the battery and circuit stay put I used double-sided tape. Step 6: Connect the solar panel and screw the pieces together. The result should look something like the first picure in the post. I'll probably add and extra switch later that allows me to cut the power from the solar cell to make sure that I can turn the charger completely of. Oh and if you follow these instructions and it causes your house to burn down or something like that don't blame me :)