Stack Overflow

I've been lurking on Stack Overflow for a while now, and i really like it. If you don't know what it is: it's a site created by Jeff Atwood (who runs an excellent blog) and Joel Spolsky that is a "programming Q&A site". It uses meta moderation and reputation to rank answers and the person asking the question has the ability to make a certain post as the right one. So if your stuck and need some help it's a good place to start (or well after a trip to Google that is) but that's not the part that i like the most about the site. Since it's open and offers a good way of moderating answers and voting the correct ones up it can be used as a tool of learning. Just browsing it 20 minutes per day allows me to find something new i didn't know before. And also some good laughs: Jon Skeet Facts? Hm, this post turned into an ad for Stack Overflow, not that i think they need it but hey, great site!